Can Drywall Screws Go Into Studs?

Those familiar with drywall installation know the importance of long screws, especially when applying them to wooden walls. Drywall can be installed in other ways as well, including ones featuring metal studs. Drywall screws can be handier in some applications compared to others.

Drywall screws can go into studs, but the structure’s stability depends on how fine the screw is and how deeply embedded into the stud. It is advisable to avoid coarse screws and lean towards deeper thread types for longevity and strength.

The rest of this article covers multiple aspects of drywall application and stud framing. You will learn different ways to use drywall mud and leftover panels, the metal and wood stud framing, and whether drilling into the studs affects the overall structure. It is a must-read if you’re starting on your first project of its kind.

What Is the Difference Between a Drywall Screw and a Regular Screw?

In case you’ve tried using regular screws from a home depot aisle with your metal studs, you may notice that the thread is too short and there isn’t much left to hold anything past the stud’s own thickness. If these screws don’t work with the stud, what’s different about drywall screws?

Drywall screws are finer, have deeper threads, and are generally longer than the average screw. While mostly drilled into wood and used for semi-permanent attachment of multiple layers, the screws can be used for any other purpose like metal stud framing.

People have used drywall screws to hang art, create bed frames, and build tree-houses. The name isn’t a signifier of their exclusive use, and you can feel free to work with these screws as long as your project requires stronger-holding of two drillable structures/sheets.

What Should I Do With Leftover Drywall?

When you work with drywall on a project, you rarely have just as much as you need of the substance. You may run short, or you may order too many panels. If you don’t have enough, you can order more, but what can you do if you are left with a surplus?

You can use drywall panels in a variety of creative ways:

  • Renew table tops – If you have a table with stains that won’t go away, installing a drywall panel can cover up the scratches and permanent marks. You have to be careful not to put too much weight over the table after applying drywall, though.
  • Create art – Drywall panels may only require a layer of gesso before they’re ready for acrylic painting. When drywall panels are leftover upon completion of a project, this is the safest method of upcycling the leftovers. That is because trying to do anything more elaborate can turn into a project in itself. Drywall canvases can be great for painting practice but aren’t the most marketable finished products.
  • Create placards – The remaining drywall panels can make an excellent backdrop for almost any permanent message. Even though you can’t use the boards as a whiteboard, you can definitely use it as a yard sign, a placard to take to the local stadium, etc.
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Can You Store Dry Mix?

While you may go through the entire project without needing drywall mud, it is worth noting that should you use it to fix cracks, you should mix it in smaller batches. That is because the excess mud is destined to dry out.

However, the dry mix is virtually non-perishable and can be stored for an extended period provided it is not exposed to moisture. You should make sure you store the mix in a cool, dry place. You can alternatively use it to create door stoppers and aesthetic weights.

While drywall isn’t anyone’s idea of “aesthetic” or “heavy,” you can use it to cover small objects and, with the right finish, turn them into acceptable paperweights, door stoppers, and even outdoor coasters. There isn’t much else drywall mix is useful for, so please make sure you do not order more than you need or mix more than you’re applying.

Metal Stud Framing vs. Wood Stud Framing

In the context of drywall application, the most common type of framing or support used is wooden. That is because wood is easy to work with and relatively cheaper per project. That said, metal stud framing has started gaining popularity in recent years, especially in creating multi-room environments within large warehouse-like structures.

Wood-stud framing is ideal if you wish to create a fresh-looking interior in your living space. At the same time, metal studs are perfect for creating multiple partitions in an otherwise open environment.

The main advantage of wood is the ease with which you can work on it, while the metal studs require fewer screws and can allow you to hang drywall in a low-support environment (like the middle of a room). If you wish to hang drywall against one of your walls, metal stud framing might be considered overkill.

Can Drilling Into a Stud Compromise Its Structure?

When one is working on a project, it is easy to lose sight of its broader implications. It is undoubtedly possible to drill too many holes into a wooden stud to compromise its integrity. This drawback is absent from metal studs, which already require fewer screws.

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When using wooden studs, make sure you use only as many screws as are necessary and leave the gap of at least a quarter of the stud’s length. This keeps the wooden structure strong, and your drywall panels look better.

Things To Keep in Mind When Working With Drywall

Whether you’re using drywall screws to install panels onto wooden studs or metal frames, you must understand the best practices of working with drywall to avoid constant replacement and fixing costs. Here are some factors to consider before you move forward with the project:

Drywall Is Not Durable

Durability is a must-have feature for most modern construction. If you’re using drywall to cover the interior section of an already built structure or to create partitions that will not be tested for their strength, you’re making the right choice. However, if you’re using drywall as a standalone construction element, you’re investing time in a structure that won’t last.

Even when using the panels for your interior, you should keep in mind that you’ll not be able to hang heavy art or bulky clothes from hooks on the drywall. You can install Fuzan picture hangers on your drywall by screwing them securely into the stud.

Drywall Can Get Stained Easily

It is rare for drywall to be installed in only a small area. Usually, the panels cover a significant area, making them open to staining thanks to pets, children, and innocent mistakes. That is why you should keep appropriate cleaning products at hand for whenever there’s a spill. We recommend Mr. Clean Magic Eraser cleaning pads as they are a hassle-free cleaning solution.

Make Sure Drywall Sheets Are Perpendicular to Studs

This seems like an obvious thing to do, yet one can be tempted to freestyle their hanging process, especially when studs become hard to reach certain angles. You can avoid this by using smaller panels in those areas. For the sake of the project’s stability, only hang sheets at a ninety-degree angle to studs.

Final Thoughts

Drywall screws are long and have deeper threads making them perfect for holding wood to the drywall. Whether you use metal stud framing or wooden studs, you can use the right drywall screws to drill through and hang your drywall panels. Ensure you understand the durability of drywall and are prepared to clean any stains before they become permanent.

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