Are Solid Wood Interior Doors Worth It?

Certain interior decor elements can make a huge impact on the look and value of your home, one of them being interior doors. You’ve probably heard that solid wood interior doors are the best option you can get, despite being pricey. But is that true? Are solid wood interior doors worth it?

Solid wood interior doors are worth it if you want to invest in a higher-quality option. Though they’re more expensive, solid wood doors also have many benefits compared to other options on the market, including better insulation, better soundproofing, and a more luxurious feel.

This article will explore all the advantages solid wood doors have to offer. That way, you can decide for yourself if solid wood doors are a worthy investment. Moreover, we’ll also take a look at various other options you can consider.

Are Solid Wood Interior Doors a Good Investment?

To this day, solid wood doors are considered the best premium option in the market. Is it true? To decide whether solid wood interior doors are worth it, you need to understand what they are first. 

Despite common beliefs, solid wood doors aren’t made from a single wood slab. However, they’re made using 100% natural wood, such as pine, oak, or maple, usually with a frame-and-panel construction. 

Here are some aspects you need to consider if you want to decide whether solid wood interior doors are a worthy investment. 


Cost and price points are the first things homeowners consider before deciding whether they should get solid wood interior doors.

Unfortunately, solid wood doors aren’t the most economical option on the market. A solid wood door can be 50% more expensive compared to a similarly designed hollow-core door.

Moreover, since solid wood doors are so heavy, you’ll also have to pay more to have them installed. You might have to set aside around $150 to $300 to hire a contractor to install a single door.

That said, solid wood doors are far more durable than other options. They’re also relatively easy to repair when they get scratched or dented. 

So, while they’ll cost a lot upfront, solid wood doors will help you save more money in the long run. 


As mentioned earlier, solid wood doors are robust and durable in nature, allowing them to withstand the tests of time. 

Your solid wood interior doors might still stand strongly twenty or fifty years down the line, making them a fantastic long-term investment!


Solid wood interior doors have a wide range of traditional and modern designs to make any home look luxurious. And compared to cheaper, hollow-core doors, solid wood doors look richer and more aesthetically pleasing. 

Moreover, they’re also highly customizable. There are plenty of wood types and stains to choose from. They’re also easily shaped and contoured so that you can choose countless shapes, paneling designs, moldings, trim pieces, and more. 

With wood doors, the possibilities are endless! You can get truly unique interior doors to suit the personality and style of your home. 

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Since solid wood doors are completely solid, they provide excellent thermal insulation! They do a fantastic job at insulating your rooms against heat loss. Installing solid wood interior doors will help you cut down your heating bills in the long run.

For this reason, solid wood interior doors will be a wise investment for rooms that require extra heating during the winter. For example, your bedroom, the nursery room, or an aging relative’s bedroom.


Aside from heat insulation, solid wood doors also provide amazing sound deadening qualities. This means they can give extra peace and privacy to your home.

So, if unwanted noise has been getting through the door and disturbing your sleep, installing a solid wood door in your bedroom might be a good idea.

Additionally, solid wood doors are an excellent choice for bathrooms since they can muffle water splashing sounds, giving you more privacy during bath time. 

House Value

You might have already heard this one before, and yes, it’s true; installing solid wood interior doors can increase your house value.

In general, installing new doors to fit the aesthetics of your home can do wonders to the house value. However, since solid wood doors are more long-lasting and have better quality, they can increase your house value better compared to their hollow counterparts.

So, if you’re thinking of reselling your home soon, installing solid wood interior doors may help you attract more potential buyers. 

The Verdict

Despite not being the most budget-friendly option out there, solid wood interior doors are definitely worth it. Solid wood doors are an excellent long-term investment because they’re durable, sturdy, and beautiful. 

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Other Material Choices for Interior Doors

Solid wood interior doors may be amazing, but they’re not your only option. It won’t be fair not to include other material choices in this article. To help you make your decision, here are two other material choices for interior doors.


First, we have hollow-core doors, the exact opposite of solid wood doors. 

Hollow-core doors are made of a thin layer or veneer filled with cost-saving materials, such as fiberboard, paper, or plastic, formed in a honeycomb pattern. As a result, hollow-core doors are inexpensive, lightweight, and easy to install, which is why they’re a very popular choice for low and mid-range houses these days.

Although they may seem cheap at first, getting hollow core doors may cost you more in the long run. Why? 

First, they have less structural integrity compared to solid wood doors, making them prone to breaking. So, you might have to replace your hollow-core doors more often. 

Second, hollow-core doors are also hard to repair. Once they break, replacing them is your best bet. Moreover, hollow-core doors also have lousy thermal insulation and soundproofing abilities.

Solid Core

Solid core doors offer the best of both worlds. They’re made of engineered or composite wood (HDF or particleboard) with a layer of high-quality veneer, just like hollow-core doors. However, they’re just as sturdy and robust as solid wood doors.

Solid core doors have similar qualities to solid wood doors. First, they have higher structural integrity and longevity, so they can stand the test of time better than hollow-core doors.

Additionally, since they’re not hollow inside, they offer better insulation and soundproofing, though not as good as their solid wood cousins.

Solid Core Doors: A Worthy Substitute

Indeed, solid wood interior doors are expensive. While a single door might be a drop in the bucket, getting five to ten doors for the entire house can easily burn a hole in your pocket. 

But not to worry, you can get solid core doors instead! 

As mentioned earlier, solid core doors offer plenty of advantages. A solid core door’s longevity, structural integrity, insulation, and soundproofing abilities are comparable to their solid wood counterparts. They’re also slightly cheaper, so you might be able to save a few bucks without sacrificing quality.

As of now, there are fewer design options when it comes to solid core doors. However, if you do find some solid core doors that fit the design and feel of your home, go for it!

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Final Thoughts

In short, yes, solid wood interior doors are worth it. 

They may be pricier to buy and install compared to hollow core doors. However, solid wood doors also provide better aesthetics, insulation, soundproofing, and value to your home. Additionally, solid wood doors are also far more durable, so the price evens out in the long run.

That said, if you’re unwilling to pay such a hefty price tag, don’t worry! Solid core doors will allow you to save some extra bucks without sacrificing quality or beauty. 

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