Do Light Fixtures Have To Match Doorknobs?

light fixtures and door knobs

It can be challenging to determine what should match and what shouldn’t when decorating a new home or simply redecorating. There are many opinions on what works and what doesn’t. So, should light fixtures match door handles?

Light fixtures and door knobs do not need to match. In fact, mixing and matching complementing color schemes or themes will not only add intrigue to your home but also add some nice layering and dimension. Matching both can lead to your home being one color note.

Often doorknobs are overlooked when it comes to the styling of a home. However, they can help enhance the look of your home while serving their purpose. However, does that mean that they need to match light fixtures? Here’s all to know about whether or not light fixtures need to match door knobs.

Should Light Fixtures And Door Knobs Match?

When designing a home or remodeling, the goal is to have your personality shine through. As light fixtures are the finish out of the house, you may be wondering if they need to match specific hardware, like doorknobs.

Fortunately, there isn’t one set rule on how light fixtures and doorknobs need to look. While in the past, door knobs and light fixtures were matched to bring the look of a room together, these days, door knobs do not have to match light fixtures. However, the pairing of both should flow harmoniously from room to room.

Since each room will have its own style, how you wish to match the light fixture to the look of the doorknob will differ. These can vary from room to room in a gradual change or, if you are feeling adventurous, in bold shades of the same color or style.

Too much matching can give your home a one-note feel. Think of the pattern of all four walls matching the carpet pattern. Mixing things up is an excellent way to add intrigue and layers.

One way to mix and match light fixtures and door knobs is to choose a complimenting color scheme or theme. An opposite finish will help tie the look of your home together without going overboard and creating chaos.

Here is an example of one kind of door knob and what light fixture color can be a good fit without necessarily matching:

Modern Doorknobs

Modern doorknobs are often simple and boast a relaxed appearance. These are often matte black, chrome, and even brass. If you choose black, you can pick chrome for your light fixture. If you choose brass for the doorknob, you can use another bright metal or black for your light fixture.

Complementary mixing and matching help create visual interest and the right amount of balance. If you plan on working with themes instead, here is how to go about doing it in a complimentary way:

Victorian Era

As this era was all about luxury, you’re looking at unique and ornate designs. In this case, you can use bold fixtures that draw the eye. To complement this, you can go with warmer aged metal door knobs that add an extra flair without competing with the light fixtures.

light fixtures and door knobs details

What To Do When Light Fixtures & Door Knobs Match Too Much

Suppose you look at popular Pinterest pages, design magazines, and high-end design shows. In that case, you’ll notice that most steer clear of matching finishes. As mentioned above, you don’t want your light fixtures and door knobs to be too matchy-matchy in the same room or even throughout the house.

One way to change this without spending more money is to swap light fixtures between rooms. This is only possible if the light fixture’s color or theme isn’t going to clash with the door knobs in the other places of the house.

One other way is to change the look of the door knob itself. To update the look of your doorknob, you simply need some metal primer and a spray paint color of your choice. First, apply the metal primer and let it dry. Once it is dry, apply the spray paint and leave it to dry. And voila, you have new doorknobs.

It’s crucial to ensure that the spray paint color you choose is complimentary and doesn’t clash with the light fixture. Remember to remove the doorknobs before updating the look of your doorknob. Some door knobs may need to be cleaned and sanded. It’s better to check with the manufacturer what the best way to go about updating the look of your doorknob is.

What Should Door Knobs And Light Fixtures Match

There is no rule book that everyone must follow regarding interior design, light fixtures, and door knobs. However, there are some guidelines.

Take a look at your home before buying light fixtures and plan where everything should go – a floor layout will help you to visualize where everything will be. Fixtures, finishings, and furniture should share common details or features with the other furniture in that room.

Light fixtures share common features regarding color, design, material, shape, etc. For example, if your light fixture is in the form of a flower, you can have pillows with flowers or a rug with a flower pattern.

When it comes to doorknobs, they should at least match the door hardware, mainly the hinges. This gives the door a cleaner and more put-together finish. Door handles should also all have a similar look. Outer door knobs should preferably have some common detail with outside furniture, if there is any.

Note: Although light fixtures and door knobs can match throughout the house, it isn’t generally advised. In the end, you want your light fixtures and door knobs to complement one another but not be identically matched.


There’s nothing wrong with matching light fixtures to doorknobs. Remember that house features that match too much can make the interior dull and boring. Matching door knobs to light fixtures isn’t a no-no, but it isn’t often encouraged when so many styling options are available.

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