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3 Types Of August Smart Locks Explained (Which One Is Best For You?)

Smart locks are cutting-edge home security and one of the most intelligent investments you can make for your family and property, but they’re not all equal. Additionally, these systems can be complex and demanding to understand for the newcomer. So, what are the basics of smart locks?

Smart locks are electronic security systems you can control from a distance and access without keys. While expensive and complex, they are more challenging for a criminal to break into, ensuring your property’s safety. Smart locks are modern and convenient as part of the Internet of Things.

Now that we know the basics of smart locks, we can look at the questions people frequently ask about these security systems. This post will discuss these questions briefly and link you to other posts on our website that cover these issues in further detail. For the best options in security, read on.

The Pros and Cons of Smart Locks: An Honest Guide

While everyone is talking about smart locks, most people don’t know the whole story about these ingenious devices. We must know the pros and cons to avoid mishaps, expensive DIY projects, or break-ins.

On the one hand, smart locks offer a unique level of convenience, control, and security to your property. You can let people come and go remotely, and you don’t need a key anymore.

However, on the other hand, smart locks are expensive and complicated. They can be tough to install if you don’t have a DIY background. Unlike regular locks, smart locks also need batteries and, sometimes, Wi-Fi access.

So, from this simple explainer, it’s clear that smart locks are not a one-size-fits-all solution to your home security questions. Still, they’re beneficial in most cases.

Because of that, this post will explore the upsides and downsides of smart locks. Before heading over to the primary article, read on to learn some more advantages of smart locks.

The first benefit of smart locks is that you can control them remotely. They connect to an app and smart home hub, letting you lock and unlock them from a distance. 

They also reduce anxiety. With a smart lock, you don’t need to worry about forgetting to lock your doors. They’ll lock automatically, and you can confirm that with the app.

Smart locks are also a blessing for people with accessibility issues. They are excellent if you struggle with mobility or fine motor control. You don’t need to worry about keys and deadbolts since you can unlock your door with the app.

Furthermore, smart locks are compatible with your existing security. You can have a smart lock alongside your original deadbolt if you prefer.

So, with upsides like these, why isn’t everyone using smart locks? They have downsides, too. So, to see if smart locks are genuinely the best for your home, read our guide here: The Pros and Cons of Smart Locks: An Honest Guide – Tips from Handyman

Do All Smart Locks Require a Hub?

The primary advantage of a smart lock is that you don’t need a key to access them. I’m sure we’ve all lost our keys at some point – for some of us, that was a disaster. Nobody wants to repeat that experience, so let’s look at how smart locks can help. Do they need a hub?

Although smart locks are part of the Internet of Things, they don’t necessarily need a hub. Instead, smart locks let you unlock the door using an app, a fingerprint, a Bluetooth connection, or a key code. However, smart locks also require a hub if you want to access their full functionality, which goes beyond unlocking the door.

Let’s begin with clarifying what the hub is – it is the ‘brain’ of your smart home, from where you manage your Internet of Things. It uses Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to connect your appliances, letting you control them from your phone.

However, some smart locks don’t need this hub. Although you can access many locks via the hub, these devices also have apps. Instead of using the hub to control them, you can manage a smart lock via its company app.

Not only that, but the simplest smart locks function perfectly without an internet connection. That’s because they’re effectively a deadbolt with a fingerprint scanner or keypad. In that case, they work independently of your hub.

On the other hand, there’re plenty of advantages to using a smart lock with your hub. For instance, you can access your security system from miles away and see when somebody last used it. That’s an excellent peace-of-mind feature. Likewise, you can instantly use your hub to lock or unlock all smart locks in your house.

If these ideas interest you, please check out our full post here: Do All Smart Locks Require a Hub? – Tips from Handyman (tipshandyman.com)

Do Deadbolts Prevent Break-Ins?

Unfortunately, crime is on the rise. While we could spend days explaining why that’s the case, we could spend that time protecting ourselves and our loved ones instead. To do that, we need to ask if a deadbolt is enough for our home.

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It isn’t. Deadbolts don’t stop a criminal from breaking into your home – they only offer a false sense of security. Experienced robbers know that a single-cylinder deadbolt isn’t a challenge for them to pick or force open. 

Not only that, but door locks also encourage intruders to find other entrances to your property. Even if they can’t get passed your deadbolt, they might break through a window instead.

This post will show why locking your door isn’t a perfect home security solution and a deadbolt isn’t an ideal lock. We’ll also review other things to keep in mind to protect from break-ins. Read on for a teaser.

First, single-cylinder deadbolts are easy to unlock. If your door is next to a window, a thief can break open that window. Afterward, they can access the lock from the inside. From that position, it’s straightforward to turn the handle and unlock the door.

So, you might think that a double-cylinder deadbolt would solve this issue. These locks don’t have a handle on the inside, meaning you must unlock them with a key.

However, that’s inconvenient. These locks make it harder to leave the house in an emergency, but they also necessitate you keeping your keys on hand.

Because of that, many people leave the keys beside the door. An attentive criminal will spot that, take the key, and unlock your door. Similarly, they can still pick this lock if it’s low-quality.

Smart locks are one solution to this puzzle. However, not even smart locks can keep you perfectly safe. The truth is that nothing can, but you can always be more secure.

If you’re interested in other ways to protect your home, check out this post: Do Deadbolts Prevent Break-Ins? – Tips from Handyman

Front Door Smart Lock Keypad Not Working? Do This!

While smart locks are vital for modern home security, they aren’t perfect. Unlike regular locks, these devices are complex pieces of technology. So, what happens when their keypads stop working?

This article will answer that question, explaining how to solve this problem before you’re stuck outside your home. 

To begin, don’t panic. This situation isn’t life-threatening; it’s inconvenient. First, check that your smart lock has fully charged batteries. If there’s no blinking light on your smart lock, then there’s a good chance it doesn’t work because the batteries have died.

However, sometimes that won’t work. In that case, try turning the lock and the door handle. If the smart lock doesn’t turn smoothly, the issue might be that your door doesn’t shut properly. So, you’ll need to recalibrate your lock.

On the other hand, you can try to replace the batteries and restart the lock.

Both replacing batteries and recalibrating your deadbolt might seem intimidating. In reality, they’re reasonably straightforward. Ensure you check your owner’s manual to avoid damaging the smart lock.

These are only a few solutions we feature in the post. If none of them work, though, call customer support. Your smart lock’s integrity is essential, so it’s best to let the company know something is wrong quickly.

Not only that, but the manufacturer can offer helpful advice. All smart lock brands work differently, so the solutions for a Schlage might not be identical for a Kwikset or vice versa.

For the full guide on what to do when your smart lock doesn’t work, read this post: Front Door Smart Lock Keypad Not Working? Do This – Tips from Handyman (tipshandyman.com)

3 Types Of August Smart Locks Explained (Which One Is Best For You?)

August smart locks are not only some of the best available home security systems, but they’re also among the most popular. That’s thanks to their high quality, plus the helpful variety of products the August company offers.

We have the August Smart Lock, the Smart Lock Pro, and the Smart Lock Wi-Fi. Depending on the circumstances, each might be best for you.

So, it’s vital to understand what all of these locks do. Remember, your home security is at risk – looking at these products yourself is best rather than going by another’s opinion. Nevertheless, we have to start somewhere.

This post will go over the three types of August Smart Locks, their pros and cons, and which version might be perfect for your home.

However, before we can look at the locks, it’s helpful to know what the August company stands for and why. This American company specializes in making straightforward apps and beautiful locks that synergize perfectly. Their durability and simplicity set them ahead of the curve.

All August locks are easy to install and feature DoorSense – August’s patent technology that alerts users if the door is closed correctly. 

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First, the August Smart Lock is the company’s flagship product. It automatically locks and unlocks; you can control it with the app. It also lets you grant guest access to visitors. Last, if you connect this lock to the bridge accessory, you can also control it with your voice. 

The Smart Lock Pro builds on the original’s success, offering additional convenience. You can access every feature with the app, which syncs with the Internet of Things.

Furthermore, August also offers Smart Lock Wi-Fi. Not only does this model come in several colors, but it also has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. If your router fails or you lose the bridge, you can still protect your home.

Remember that this write-up is only a teaser of what we offer on our website. If you’re interested in August Smart Locks, read up on them here: 3 Types Of August Smart Locks Explained (Which One Is Best For You?)

Can You Rekey a Schlage Smart Lock?

You’ll need to rekey a lock no matter where you live or what you do. Whether you’re buying a new home, switching to a smart lock, or renting a property, it’s inevitable. So, how can we rekey a Schlage smart lock, then?

Rekeying a Schlage lock is a straightforward process. If you have experience with DIY, you can even do it yourself. However, if you’re on a budget, it can be easier to change the deadbolt core instead.

However, that isn’t the end of this question. All smart locks differ regardless of if Schlage makes them. So, this article will discuss how to maintain these devices, plus situations when you’d need to rekey them.

The easiest way to rekey a smart lock is to take it to your local hardware store or technician. However, that costs money, and rekeying a lock is a fascinating challenge.

Remember to consult your owner’s manual, though. Smart locks aren’t identical, and some have unique components or designs that make taking them apart more complex. However, all Schlage locks should be pretty similar.

You’d begin by unscrewing the lock from the door. Afterward, remove the front component and pull out the cylinder. The easier route forward is to swap out the cylinder for one of the same models but with a different key.

However, you can also manually rekey the lock. To do so, you’d first need a Schlage rekeying set. Pay close attention to your manual here and any helpful training videos.

Last, if you’re looking for detailed instructions on rekeying a Schlage smart lock, please head to the post here: Can You Rekey a Schlage Smart Lock?

Schlage Locks vs. Kwikset: Which Works Better?

Schlage isn’t the only leading smart lock brand; its rival, Kwikset, also produces excellent products. So, which is better for you?

First, we must understand a little about these companies. Schlage has produced locks since the 1920s, based out of Colorado Springs. Initially, they were a subsidiary of Ingersoll Tand, but now Schlage is a unit of Allegion.

This company offers two lines of locks in two trim types. The first is Camelot, a traditional, elegant style with metallic color options. 

Second is Century, which has a simple, modern appeal.

The two locks Schlage offers are equally impressive. The first is Sense, which works with the Apple HomeKit. This smart lock has a fingerprint-proof touchscreen, anti-pick protection, and an audible alarm.

Schlage’s Connect series has the same durability and design features, but they work with non-Apple products instead. 

On the other hand, Kwikset entered the security industry in the 1940s from Lake Forest, California. They’re part of the HHI Group, owned by Spectrum Brands. They offer several smart locks, like Kevo, Premis, and SmartCode.

Kwikset’s Kevo smart lock connects to your phone using Bluetooth, and it’ll automatically sense your phone when you’re close to the house. Not only that, but you can unlock it with a single touch. You can also give out and cancel electronic keys, allowing others to access your Kevo lock when necessary.

The Premis is Kwikset’s other flagship smart lock. Unlike the Kevo, it works with Apple HomeKit, letting you control your doors with Siri. 

However, to see which of these companies provides the best smart lock for you, check out the full post: Schlage Locks vs. Kwikset: Which Works Better?


Smart locks are vital for home security, but transitioning to these systems isn’t always seamless. Although they are more challenging for criminals to bypass, smart locks give several issues that regular locks do not. So, check out our list of articles for a handyman’s tips on taking your home security to the next level.


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